Fundamental Work Laws You Need to Know About

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Fundamental Work Laws You Need to Know About


Without law and justice, the world would not function as it is today. Suppose there were no work laws. In that case, people would exploit workers, or slavery would still exist. Moving further, many people are unaware of some fundamental work laws. Therefore, in this regard, below, we have compiled a list of the essential work laws you need to know about.



Here are the Work Laws You Need to Know About


End of Year Bonus is Mandatory

Getting a paycheck for the task done is obligatory. All workers receive their salary on a monthly or weekly basis depending on their contract. Additionally, it is mandatory by law that an employee who has completed a year within a single company receive an end-of-year bonus. The end-of-year bonus is like an extra month’s salary. The rate at which the end-of-year bonus is calculated may vary from country to country.

The Same Gender, Same Work Equals to the Same Salary

Gender equality has been a debatable subject for years. But nowadays, almost all countries do practice gender equality at workplaces. Jobs once done by only men are now performed by women as well. Since the tasks are the same, it is compulsory for both men and women to receive the same salary. International laws encourage both genders to have equal payouts accordingly.

Child Labour is a Serious Offence

In every country of the world, child labor is an offense. Allowing or forcing a child to work is strictly condemned by international laws. However, the age to have the right to work can vary from country to country.

Sick and Local Leaves are Obligatory

It is an offense to force a person to work all year long against his or her will. A human being needs a break to refuel his well-being. There is a law that states every employee is eligible for sick and local leaves to protect workers.