International Human Rights and Laws You Need to Know About

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International Human Rights and Laws You Need to Know About


Many people are unaware of international human rights and laws they need to know about if something wrong is happening to them. That is why, in this guide, we have listed some fundamental international human rights and laws you need to know about.



Here are the International Human Rights and Laws


Slavery and Labour Exploitation is Illegal

Slavery is banned for a long time, and it is a severe offense to make someone a slave. There is severe law punishment for slavery. Additionally, you must get paid for what you work. Your boss or a company cannot exploit its workers by making them work for longer hours and paying them less wage. Moreover, it is illegal to make children work. You have the right to file a legal complaint against such atrocities.

Sexual Assault and Harassment is a Severe Crime

Stringent law has been set globally for sexual assault and harassment cases. Nobody is allowed to abuse someone, especially not without their consent sexually. Even within a marriage, none of the couples is permitted to force their partner for sexual relationships. You have all the right to reach the law to help you gain justice if you are a victim of such a situation. 

Under Age Marriage is Illegal

Unfortunately, it stills happens in extreme places around the globe that people force teenagers to marry. However, according to law, this is a severe offense. Teenagers are not allowed to get married forcefully.

Gender Inequality in the Work Field

Suppose, you are working as a female manager for a specific company, and you learn a male manager doing the job is obtaining a higher wage than you. In that case, you can reach the law to get justice since this is gender inequality.

As you may deduce, you must know your rights to help you better.